Isabel Naranjo

  • Psychoterapy Center in Valencia with therapy services for  adults, children and adolescents. Isabel Naranjo also online therapy and psychological counselliing via mail.
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Isabel Naranjo website is available in Spanish.

Main technical specifications

The main specifications of this website are:

Isabel Naranjo is a Psychologist based in Valencia. At her centre, she offers therapy for adults, children and adolescents. She also offers online therapy and psychological consultation via email.

The project for Isabel Naranjo has consisted of the realization of a single-user corporate web page. This project has included the organization and revision of the information, the graphic design and the development of the website. In addition, other tasks have been carried out such as training for the insertion of different types of web content, advice and the resolution of doubts that might emerge during the process of implementation.

The website shows who Isabel Naranjo is and what psychotherapy services she offers. In addition, Isabel Naranjo adds information about her services such as "Adult Therapy" and "Therapy for Children and Adolescents", including information about the various symptoms she is specialized in: depression, behavioral difficulties, anxiety, etc

As for the design, it is important to mention that a responsive web design was carried out based on a template, using free Drupal 7 software. A light color template with contrasts in different shades of orange (Isabel Naranjo´s corporate color) was used.

  • We are in charge of the hosting and technical maintenance of the website.
Name Description
Language Website available in Spanish.
Custom web design using template In this case, the use of a template was chosen because of its adaptability to both aesthetic and technical requirements. At the same time, the client´s needs were met at a cheaper price without having to give up on a personalized website design.
Responsive web design An adaptive or responsive web design has been done, allowing the website to be displayed correctly on mobile devices as well as on tablets, laptops or desktops, and on large screens.
Software Open source Drupal 7 software was used. Besides being an open source software, Drupal software is supported by a large community of developers. This enabled the website to grow in the future if needed.